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The Latino Center for Arts and Culture in Sacramento asked us to help design a archive website for their collection of Chicano Screenprint posters. As screenprinters ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity to work with the organization and showcase the work.



The Chicano Art Archive was born as a way to bring new eyes to the LCA's collection. SIT  developed the archive site in close collaboration with the Latino Center for Arts and Culture, focusing on clearly telling the story of the movement.



The mark is a stylized version of a symbol used by the United Farm Workers, a Union seeking empowerment and fair wages in Californian agriculture.

Chicano Art Archive Logo Large Black
Chicano Art Archive Logo White on Black
Chicano Art Archive Logo White on Red
Chicano Art Archive Logo Black on White
Chicano Art Archive Logo Red on White



Besides Self Modern and Söhne Breit, the brand of the collection relies on a hand-drawn typeface inspired by lettering from the collection itself.  

Chicano Art Archive Logotype "CHICANO"
Chicano Art Archive Logotype "CHICANO ART ARCHIVE"
Chicano Art Archive Type Poster Example



Colors were chosen pragmatically—a rich black and white were picked first, alongside a pop color. The home gradient colors were chosen to create an analogous visual sequence, and the query colors were chosen to be easily visually distinguished from each other.

Chicano Art Archive Colors

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