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Neotech is the only vinyl producer in the world that formulates their product specifically for the music industry. Their custom compounds are optimized to reproduce sound perfectly, and they offer vinyl in a spectrum of different bespoke colors and effects. Neotech asked SIT to update their brand experience to represent their brand's obsession with excellence and experimentation.



Neotech's new brand system starts with a mark that references modernist and Y2K revival aesthetics, forming a unique basis for expression. The wordmark is built off of TROD, a "Hyper-Modernist" font by Froyo Tam.

Neotech wordmark lockup

Marketing header

Examples of the typeface TROD by Froyo Tam

Wordmark was based on the font TROD by Froyo Tam. Photo by Froyo Tam.

Neotech Wordmark Lockups
Neotech Monogram Lockups
Neotech icons

an icon system was developed to add expression to the website



Neotech's brand presence puts their products on full-display, giving artists the tools they need to choose the perfect Neotech vinyl for their product.

Neotech website: color picker module

A color picker module is front-and-center on the home page

Neotech website: Project Visualizer module

A project Visualizer helps artists uncover exactly what Neotech products to request, driving sales



Neotech ultimately sells a physical product with amazing visual qualities. We were tasked with shooting this product for display on the larger website, focusing on color and light dispersion of the vinyl.

Neotech photograph of a record, above
Detail photograph of an orange record
Isolated photo of a blue record
Isolated photo of a pink record
Isolated photo of a green record
Isolated photo of a orange record
Detail macro shot of a blue recordDetail macro shot of a orange recordDetail macro shot of a pink recordDetail macro shot of a green record

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