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Echo Base is a vinyl record press and a digital hub connecting creators and labels with manufacturers. Combining the old with the new, they on a journey to modernize the vinyl industry into the digital age. Stay In Touch partners closely with Echo Base on an ongoing basis to develop web collateral, packaging, branding, and signage.



Stay In Touch built a variety of web elements for Echo Base, including a splash page, record builder, ecommerce shop, and marketing material. Echo base contracts with us on an ongoing basis for their rapidly evolving web needs.

Some select web projects SIT has built for Echo Base



The brand is hyper-simplified, consisting of a couple neo-grotesque wordmark lockups and a modular and interchangeable circular mark that can be activated through motion.

Spinning spiral gif that serves as Echo Base's logo"Echo Base" in a neogrotesque typeface
Some select Echo Base logos
Some Echo Base wordmarks



Human beings are like cats: motion catches our eyes.The Echo Base brand was developed in a way to provide multiple opportunities to integrate motion, in iconography, logo mark, and through type.

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