Two Kids Playing

Goose Kids



Art Direction

Goose Kids is a children's apparel startup that approached us looking for help actualizing their initial product line. We developed a look and feel across two seasonal shoots, manifesting their brand in the micro and macro, preferring to photograph play rather than hyper-focusing on the specifics of the product.

Goose Kids Website



The Christmas shoot focused on the company's coziest attire—warm coats with big buttons that are easy to slide on and off your child.

Goose Kids Jacket Tag
Goose Kid playing with toy
Goose Kid Modeling jacket
Goose Kids playing together
Goose Kids Jackets

The Product

Goose Kid Playing
Goose Kids Playing


Summer Shoot

The brand is centered around a hand-drawn mark that itself serves as a statement about imperfection and the charm of not overthinking a concept.

Goose Kids wearing goose kids clothes
Goose Kids Playing
Goose Kids Playing
Goose Kids Playing
Goose Kids and founder posing with a goose kids sign.

One of the founders posing with the talent

More Work

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